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The world desperately needs people who are using electricity to switch to clean, safe, ecoLOGICAL, earth-friendly, FREE energy technology. Of course if u can live completely without electricity, more power to you. I praise you and I thank you.

Is your state an enlightened and progressive one or is it still in the dark ages and controlled by the fossil fuel industry?

Are You part of the pollution or part of the solution? If you drive an oversized gasoline powered vehicle and if you have a big wasteful lifestyle to match, you are a big part of the problem. Solar, wind, hydrogen, conservation technology and humans living frugal and efficient lifestyles is the only chance for slowing global warming.

Many states have rebates, grants, low interest loans and tax breaks for solar energy installation.

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State Incentives for Renewable Energy

In 1969 I asked the question "What appliances do I REALLY need?" The first to go was the refrigerator. I never missed it for a minute in those 31 years and I still eat everything you do (almost). I know most people will never give up their refrigerators but it's important to use the most efficient appliances available along with an efficient lifestyle if we are to have any chance of slowing global flooding. The next to go was the air conditioner. I miss that about a week or two out of the year. Next year I might power a small one completely with solar energy.

In most states you can run your electric meter backwards* and sell what you don't need to your local power company. This is called "net metering". We need and have a right to do this in every state. These laws coupled with inverter and intertie technology developed in the last year, represent a big breakthrough for home and commercial solar users. There are grants and low interest loans available from most states and from some federal programs. We all must fight to restore incentives and tax breaks for solar and other free energy technologies.

New intertie and inverter technology has eliminated the need to store non-commercially generated electricity in batteries except in a remote area or for emergency back-up. Of course, there are applications that don't require any batteries, controller or inverter.

Photo Voltaic panels can be used anywhere the sun shines, in the hottest deserts or the coldest polar regions. On the side of a building, in a yard or to build a carport or a fence? Buy one or two and upgrade in the future.

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